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baggageDear Gurustu,

My bf for 2 yrs left me so suddenly, leaving me no answers. I tried to contact him... but nothing. Been a disaster... don't know what to do; if I should wait for him or go on with my life. I miss him so much.

Wanted the Truth.


Dear Wanted,

There are going to be times in our lives where we don't ever get answers; or we get answers that we refuse to accept. It's tough, but it's up to us to deal with them and move forward with our lives.

Providing your bf hasn't disappeared under mysterious circumstances, meaning some form of foul play, he HAS given you an answer. Leaving is an answer, although not a very civil one, being that he doesn't make contact. Beyond that, you will just have to grow comfortable with NOT knowing.

If he indicated that he'd be back, then it might be worth waiting... but in his case, there is no such statement. Therefore, to wait for him is a waste of your time and ruins your chances to find fulfillment elsewhere.

It is better to move on. If your paths should cross again, hopefully you'll both have grown forn the experience and can deal with it then. If you don't meet again, at least you'll know that you were wise enough to care for yourself.

It hurts, I know. It's tough to get through it... but it's better on the other side. Don't just move on, move forward!

Best of luck to you,


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