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100 Things About Me...
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I'm one who enjoys a good phenomenon as much as the next guy... even if I'm a little late to the party. Blogging and "100 Things" have been around for a while... but I'm just catching up.

So here it's my list...

  1. I was born at 5.5 pounds.
  2. I can gain that much weight in a weekend.
  3. Yes, my eyes are that blue.
  4. I hated driving until I drove down Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles.
  5. I’ve only owned two cars in my life. The last one (my first one) I had 11 years
  6. I don’t like the snow, because my brother pushed me into it every winter.
  7. I also don’t like to swim, because he tried to push me under too often.
  8. I’ve flown on airplanes so much, I can sleep sitting up.
  9. I can take a nap just about anywhere at any time, and for a preset time without a watch.
  10. I’m an optimist.
  11. People say I’m “too nice” and that others take advantage of me.
  12. Then they ask for a favor.
  13. Myers Briggs categorizes me as an INFP.
  14. Despite living with a cat for eight years, I’m still allergic.
  15. I’ve only owned one dog in my life, for 16 years. When I get house, I’ll get another one for sure.
  16. My favorite time is 2 am. The day job makes me sleep through it.
  17. I lived in New York and grew to hate it; after Sept 11th, I fell in love again.
  18. The friends I made in New York are still the closest I’ve ever had.
  19. I stopped wearing denim jeans and started wearing cargo pants after I moved to LA.
  20. Integrity and personal responsibility are driving forces in my life.
  21. I’d rather write for TV than watch it.
  22. I’ve dated people who have done heavy drugs, yet have never taken any drugs myself (including pot).
  23. I started drinking alcohol at the age of 8, and stopped by 15. It was boring.
  24. I’m not an alcoholic, despite what that looks like.
  25. I’m still a chocoholic, and not recovering well.
  26. And a carbaholic, and doing the best I can.
  27. My favorite food is Filipino, though I’d eat just about anything (I love sushi too).
  28. I will gain three pounds over night if I eat a slice of bread.
  29. I’m not convinced that humans are the smartest animals on the planet.
  30. I still give people the benefit of the doubt.
  31. I used to get up early on Saturday… not to watch cartoons, but to draw them off the TV.
  32. In eighth grade, my IQ was 145. I’m not sure it’s gone up or down since then.
  33. I found that that graduating fifth in your high school class only gets you a gift certificate from the local supermarket.
  34. I’ve changed to sleeping on my side, doctor’s orders… it wasn’t easy to do.
  35. The only plant I wasn’t able to grow was a fern; all other plants seem to bloom like crazy around me.
  36. I see numbers and letters as colors (34 is green and yellow).
  37. Green and Red. (So I always think of Christmas when I see 35)
  38. I can write backwards and upside down.
  39. I can remember phone numbers from my childhood, yet forget names.
  40. I have trouble recognizing faces, even familiar ones, in a crowd.
  41. I can’t wear watches. They tend to stop working.
  42. All my leftovers eventually become a soup.
  43. There’s always something going on inside my head, but it might not be all me.
  44. In grade school, they used to call me “Rat’s Nest” because of my frizzy hair.
  45. I went to a vocational school in another county to get away from them.
  46. The kids in that school called me “Mork from Ork.”
  47. I always cut my hair several weeks too late; which doesn’t help my cause.
  48. I grew up with a live in maid. Several times a week I miss her.
  49. I’m known as a funny guy, but I don’t laugh out loud.
  50. I fall in love quickly, and out of love slowly.
  51. The loves of my life are loving the loves of their lives somewhere else.
  52. I trust people perhaps more than I should.
  53. I give excellent massages, ever since I was a kid.
  54. I’m also a good cook; even though I make it up as I go along.
  55. I don’t lie well.
  56. I blush too easily.
  57. I’ve lived in a haunted house.
  58. I don’t just believe in Life After Death, I believe in Life Before Birth.
  59. I am pro-choice, in everything; only because I don’t believe it’s my place to judge you.
  60. I’m more Liberal than Conservative, more Democrat than Republican; but I could be more Wrong than Right.
  61. I believe that voting is more than a Right, it’s a Privilege… and I take it very seriously.
  62. I don’t like judgmental people, especially when it’s me.
  63. Books I’ve read all the way through: “The Coming of Seth,” “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” “Close Encounters,” “Flowers in the Attic.” I seem to only read parts of every other book I own.
  64. Movies that got me liking foreign films “My Life as a Dog,” “My Beautiful Launderette” and “Like Water for Chocolate.”
  65. Movies I can watch over and over: “Galaxy Quest” and “Shrek.”
  66. A movie I’ve seen too many times: “Animal House” (but only cause I used to work as an usher in a theater when it first came out).
  67. I love mind warping movies, like the “Matrix” and (the original and little known) “Lathe of Heaven” because it challenges conventions of what we think is “real.”
  68. I have a knack for picking up song lyrics, but can’t carry its tune so well.
  69. “Le Miserable” is my favorite musical, followed by “Mamma Mia.”
  70. I liked the original “Cats” when I saw it in London. I’m glad it’s gone now.
  71. I think my favorite place to go in the world would be the Far East, but I’ve never been there.
  72. If computers didn’t exist, I’d be off writing on some paper right about now; I’m not sure where you’d be.
  73. I do read the manuals.
  74. I really don’t take sides on the PC vs Mac debate.
  75. I don’t believe there’s such a thing as a “five minute easy installation.”
  76. I discovered that water is bad for laptops.
  77. I lived through the whole internet excitement, but didn’t invest in Ebay when I should have.
  78. I’ve been compared to “Goofy”, “Grover”, “Fozzie” and “Ernie.” Sometimes all at once. I don’t know what they mean by that exactly.
  79. I have too many email addresses.
  80. I’m horrible at returning phone calls; I’m trying to improve that.
  81. I don’t like to be late.
  82. I somehow manage to spend over a hundred dollars at Walmart and Trader Joes consistently and only walk out with two bags.
  83. If it weren’t for procrastination, all my “little things” would never get done.
  84. “Boxer Briefs” … not Boxers or Briefs.
  85. Folder, not Crinkler.
  86. Double Plastic, instead of Paper (I carry my snacks to work in them)
  87. Roll over the top, not the bottom.
  88. I think I still have a bottle of my favorite cologne, Wind Drift, under the sink since college. I wonder if it’s any good?
  89. I find typos everywhere I go; even in fancy restaurant’s menus or something flashing past me for a view seconds. I’m told it’s because I recognize patterns.
  90. I know the difference between “your” and “you’re,” as well as “there,” “their” and “they’re.”
  91. I’ve had my credit cards stolen twice and my identity stolen once… but I still know who I am.
  92. Although I’m starting to see my father in the mirror.
  93. I go to the gym five times a week; sometimes more.
  94. I skip days, and it turns into weeks… and then my pants hate me.
  95. One of the greatest joys is when a child smiles at you.
  96. Or an animal falls asleep on your lap.
  97. I believe that there’s more to Life than To Do Lists; but they help.
  98. I’m not where I thought I’d be by now, but maybe that’s a good thing.
  99. I don’t like unfinished business, but I love irony.
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