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Dear Guru Letters
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spacer Back in the Dark
Life after spiritual retreat
spacer arrow Can't Read Emotion (new)
Torn between the ex and the fiance
spacer Changing Teen
Regaining the 'magic' with a growing child
spacer Confused and Deteriorating Feelings
A relationship gone wrong
spacer Greener
Having it all, except happiness
  Left and Lost
After someone leaves
  Losing More than Weight
Dealing with people who can't handle your change
spacer Missing My Valentine
First Valentine's Day without her love of 32 years
spacer Mixed Emotions
Can you hate someone you love?
spacer Not in the Holiday Mood?
Where did the spirit of Christmas go?
  Not Yet Mended
New love, old hurt
spacer Overloaded
Too many emotional baggage coming up
spacer Replaced in Riverside
Husband's gone off with a younger woman
spacer Restless
Different worlds that cannot be one
spacer Tired of my Life
Separated but not free
spacer Torn
He's leaving me for his wife
spacer Totally Confused
A friend saw my boyfriend with another girl
  Wacky Perception
Perception is NOT Reality
  Wanted the Truth
Left without answers
  Worried & Disturbed
Alcohol & Tobacco Abuse
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Do you have a question?
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