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This is what some people have to say about Gurustu

People LOVED the evening and have been very productive today causing their
good to occur.  I loved hearing that and thanks to you for the inspiration.
Thanks again - it was vunderbar!

- MW, Reseda, CA

I just ran across your site while looking for new Thoughts for the
day.  I send one out each day to my co-workers.  What an AWESOME
site. You are just the type of guy we would love to hang out with, humble,
funny, and working toward enlightenment.  Thanks for sharing your
light and joy with the world.

- SH, Camarillo, CA  93012

I've been using your words of wisdom in my Freshman Classes this semester. I call the lessons "character building." Thanks for everything you do. You're helping more people than you could possibly know!!! Best wishes

- MT, Carrollton, TX

I find peace and encouragement at your site... at just the right times.
- RG, Nashville

I truly welled up and almost cried ... I can't believe you captured my inner thoughts.
- KL, Ohio

I just would like to let you know that your words are very inspirational and
I take them to heart.
- RC, Hollywood

Over the following days I kept seeing you in my mind... and hearing the things you had told me, I felt inspired by your words of wisdom.
- LP, Los Angeles

I just love the way you think...your thoughts are so clear!
- JS, South Africa

Sweet blow the Winds of Insight that have directed me to the shores of your rich and provocative site. There is an authentic and unique perspective that resonates from your pages.
- MT, Ontario, Canada

Wow, very well put Guru. That is why you are the Guru. I read the article back when you wrote it and thought it was well written.
-PJ, Dallas, TX

Always good stuff - always at the right time.
- MH, Hollywood

Thank you for the TRUTH article. It is just what I needed right now. You
are always an inspiration!
-HT, Arizona

His prided presence is such a joy to be around. When life was rough in L.A. I could always count on his understanding and enlightened guidance. Now in New York I frequent the Gurustu website for the much needed pick-me-ups. Lucky me for finding a kindered friendship.
-SE, New York

I just discovered your site. I find I am moved... I can tell you that I profoundly moved by your words, your insight.
-AP, Arizona

I love your website. I'm so proud of you. I just read some of your daily letters & newsletters. Terrific! I'm so blessed the universe has brought us together. Gee, I guess this makes me a Guru groupie!!!!!
- TM, New York

I just ran across your site while looking for new Thoughts for the day. I send one out each day to my co-workers. What an AWESOME site. Thanks for sharing your light and joy with the world.
- SH, Camarillo, CA

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