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  Commit Finding Forgiveness

Forgiveness is an elusive beast. We try to find it, so that we can let it go… yet we don’t even know what it looks like. We expect others to have it… or we think we know what needs to be done, only to find it impossible to let go, no matter how hard we try.

There isn’t one type of hurt, so there’s no “one-size-fits-all” type of forgiveness. Yet if we can determine how we got into it in the first place, we might just find our way out.

  Commit Price of Wrong

“There’s never enough time to do it right, but always time to do it over,” so the old saying goes.

Yet when it comes to doing something wrong, there’s more than just time and money at stake. “Wrong” comes with a much higher price tag than we might think.

  Commit Ask Right

Despite our own popular opinion, we don’t know it all. There are times we need to seek out the advice of others.

Knowing how to ask for help is the smartest thing you can do.

  Commit Do It

Dreams without action are just words... They are empty words. Words that can't be trusted. It's only when we take action that we get what we dream of.

Things get done when we do them.

  Commit A-Ha

"Aha!", "Eureka!", "What-da-ya-know"... or just plain "hmmm." Whatever we call it, it’s that single, magical moment when things just make sense; when that block that seemed to confuse and confound us suddenly seems small and insignificant. There’s that sudden rush of excitement, filled with relief and enthusiasm. Then comes the inevitable...

"Um, Now what?"

  Commit Power of Pause

In this world of go-go-go, we've lost the valuable time between our moments. It's easy to become overloaded, overwhelmed and overworked. We don't really live in the moments, but rather in between... and if we don't take the time to pause, we'll never really take the time to live.

  Commit It's the Little Things

Even the mightiest of oaks starts as the tiniest of acorns. Neither one is greater than the other; they're just merely different forms of the same thing. And yet, we often look around our lives and see things from only today's perspective. We look up at the oak, but down at the acorn. Sometimes we fail to realize that it's really the acorn that makes all the difference.

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