Balance Your Act

Everyone’s talking about balance these days. Balance your diet with these supplements and that juicer. Balance your time with this timeshare or the latest electronic gizmo. If you use this abdominizer, that rubber stretcher or this electric shock heating pad, you’ll balance your body in no time flat!

Balance doesn’t come in a bottle or a box. It comes with Time and what you do with each moment.

Balance is the ultimate state of being. It’s a completeness that can generate health and longevity. You see it mentioned in eastern philosophies where the yin and the yang have to be in harmony.

But you don’t have to sit in silence for hours on end to achieve balance. In fact, the person who “works hard and plays hard” might actually be in more balance than anyone else.

So how do you get balanced? It’s actually fairly easy in concept… and just a bit more difficult in practice.

Just add the other stuff…

It really is about ADDING, not SUBTRACTING. That might seem scary, considering all the stuff you already do; but if you realize that Time is finite, adding what you really want will help to push away the stuff that’s putting you off balance.

It’s also important not to subtract first. That creates a void… and anything can fill up the void, including the thing you just stopped. An example of that would be like a diet where you cut out sweets, but don’t eat anything else… only to end up hitting the cookie jar at night. Adding gives you the control to have what you want.

Take time to play, if you work too hard.
Work, if all you do is play.

If you sit all day, go for a walk at night.
If it’s too noisy, sneak away to a place for a moment of silence.

Eat some healthy food.

Do something, however little, for yourself every day.

It doesn’t have to be equal time for each thing. Five minutes of quiet can balance eight hours of noise. A moment of play can counter tons of work. It’s about HAVING this stuff in your life, more so than how long you have it.

It’s your time, your life, your choice.

Add accordingly.

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