Fearless Choices

We often think that because we no longer see the monsters under the bed that we’ve somehow outgrown our fear as we got older. It’s probably truer though that we’ve become MORE afraid, not less. Sure we’ve learned not to reach for that boiling pot of water, but when did we become afraid to explore the world around us?

All too often we make choices based on what we THINK is going to happen. We call it “learning from experience,” and yet, by thinking about what might happen, we either create that, or end up with nothing because we just quit.

Recognize a fear-based decision
Whenever you make a decision based on your fear, recognize it for what it is. It’s like turning on the light to check under the bed. If you can’t recognize when you’re making a fear-based decision, how can you get rid of it? See it, recognize it; face it.

Think about what you WANT
Do not make your decisions based on what you think might happen, rather base it on what you WANT to happen. Yes, there are consequences; yes, there are obstacles; but they are just part of the details… part of the path to getting there.

It’s not about the Fear; it’s about getting there
Keep your eye on the prize. It’s all about the goal and reaching it.

Plan early
You know from “experience” what you can be up against, so think of ways around it early in the game. If you ignore what you fear, you’re bound to bump into it again.

Do it differently
If you still need boiling water, you can’t just reach for it like you did last time… and you can’t ignore the water boiling either… so find some other way to get it.

It might just work this time
“If at first you don’t succeed try, try again” remember? So try again.

Don’t play it safe
This is not a recommendation to be reckless, it about willingness to venture out for what you want. If you stay “safe,” remain “cautious” you might just miss out on the biggest prize. It’s not as dangerous out there as you imagine. Luck shows up AFTER you’ve shown faith and a lot of gusto… so YOU have to make the first move.

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