Get Back Up!

Every once in a while, during our climb up the mountain of Life, we slip and tumble back down a bit. We lie there hurt, frustrated and wondering if we can ever get up as high as we were before.

Well, if we just lie there, we’ll never know.

Think of it this way:

For every bit of ground that we lose, there’s that much more ground we can gain.

When it happens to you, here’s something that can help you get up and get moving again:

Rest First
You may have slipped because you ran out of steam; or you might be hurt. Resting gives you a chance to heal and regain the strength you’re going to need to get back up there.

Figure It Out
While you’re just lying there, try to figure out what went wrong. Remember you only fail from mistakes if you refuse to learn from them.

Plan Better
Is there a better way to get back to where you fell from? They say that hindsight is 20/20; so now that you have a little, use it!

Don’t Think About Falling Again
Your focus needs to stay on your goals, not on your loss. If you think about failing again, you probably will. Visualize success.

Don’t Look Back
Unless you’re taking the time to celebrate how far you’ve come, now is not the time to look back. We have the tendency to head where we’re facing… so face onward and upward!

Get Going
It’s all in the doing, so get up, dust yourself off and take that next step up. That way, you’ll get back to where you were; and beyond.

Remember, don’t be discouraged or defeated by the mountain. The mountain isn’t the obstacle. The climb is what makes the difference.

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