Reality is Only Part of the Picture

There are two truths in Life…

There’s Reality itself, and the truth that we will never actually know it. The closest we will ever come to “Truth” is “Truth Being Observed.” The very act of us observing Truth changes it.

We only see part
As long as we observe the world from a singular point of view, we will only see a fraction of the big picture. The rest remains “unknown.”

Truth is many things at once
For example, according to physics, light is both a particle and a wave. But that’s only when you’re not looking. You can only look at it as one or the other. “Truth” therefore is more than you can see in a single moment.

We interpret Truth
We have beliefs about Reality and every experience has to either “fit” or be discarded. We see Life as we believe it to be.

We add to Truth
We also project our own Beliefs onto what we observe. We “fill in” the gaps that we don’t see with things that we just simply assume to be True. A scientist seeing an unusual event will calculate the cause far differently than a person who is devotedly religious.

Truth may or may not actually exist independent of us
Then again, Truth may not actually exist outside of our own experience of it. I can speak of my experiences, and compare them to yours, but that’s still just observations, isn’t it?

Will we ever really know?

“Even if you see my viewpoint, it’s still your own you see.”

~ gurustu

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