Respect Time

Time is one of our most valuable resources. It surrounds us, moves through us; yet waits for no one. It’s what defines our beginnings and our ends; and what we fill it up with, is what we get out of our lives. As we get older, it becomes even more valuable.

Do you respect it? You probably don’t like it when it’s wasted… especially by other people. If Time is Life, then respecting the time of other people is, in fact, honoring the Life of that person.

Respecting time doesn’t just help the other person, it reflects greatly on you as well; and builds a better life in ways you can only imagine.
Ways to respect another’s time:

Prepare ahead of time
Bring unprepared is a quick waster of time. Everything takes longer to do; you may forget something and have to spend more time later correcting yourself. You may also just be annoying.

Be on time
That just what it is. If you’re supposed to be somewhere at some time, then be there at that time. That’s why we have time in the first place. Any later is wasted time.

Keep the lines of communication open
Things do get in your way, which prevents you from accomplishing your time goals. By letting the other person know what’s going on, you may be losing time; but at least your still respecting the relationship.

Follow through on your commitments
Being on time is a commitment, and keeping that commitment is honoring the person and your relationship.

There’re also commitments that happen AFTER the current commitment. For example, if you say “Oh. I’ll get you that phone number” then getting them that phone number on time is also a sign of respect.

Don’t over stay your welcome
Time is there for a reason. So do your reason and move on. Staying too long is “unreasonable.”

What you get out of respecting time:

A good reputation
Honoring people makes you a person of honor. That reputation is like gold. It reflects very well on you.

A relationship of trust and goodwill
Your relationships with other people can actually become stronger and deeper. Because the other person recognizes that you respect them, they feel better about themselves and about you… and that’s a great foundation to build on.

Possible respect in return
I say “possible” return of respect because it’s not always the case. Just because you respect other’s time doesn’t mean others will. However, don’t let their disrespect stop you from being respectful. You’re the better person for it; so do it for yourself. There WILL be people other there that learn from you and respect you in return… so keep at it.

You don’t waste your own time
And finally one great reason to respect other people’s time – you’re also respecting your own time. Be late, don’t follow through, don’t communicate, and you lose just as much as they do… maybe even more so.

“Waste even a second and you will never be first.”
~ gurustu

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