Set… Go!

You ready???

It doesn’t sound right, to just “set and go.” “Get ready…” always comes before those… yet all too often we don’t really take the time to prepare. We use the excuse that we “don’t have time” and just plunge head first into whatever it is we’re doing.

Then, as we dangle over a treacherous cliff, we look up and wonder, “What just happened?”

Preparation must never be underestimated; never taken for granted; absolutely never ignored. Actually 80% of your time should be spent preparing, with 15% getting set and only 5% actually going. Done in that order, with that amount of care, the doing actually will take the least amount of effort… and really get you further.

Here’s what happens when you go into something unprepared

You get easily distracted
You lose sight of the goal as you let EVERYTHING in.

You change your mind
It costs you valuable time as you go back and forth, doubling back again and again.

You lose control of others
As they lose faith in you.

You lose to those that ARE prepared
Remember, just starting off first doesn’t mean you’ll automatically finish first. Those who run the race better win.

Ways to Get Ready

Clearly define what your goal looks like
Not just what the goal IS, but what “success” looks like. Clearly defining the end results creates a focus that speeds things along.
Break the main goal into smaller sizable chunks
If the goal is too big, or too far away, it can get lost.

Set this all to a timeline
Things take time to accomplish, so define the date they should happen on. Just setting these dates can make all the difference in the world.

Commit to each little piece
A sense of obligation to getting the bits done gets it all done.

Keep reminding yourself
In the middle of things, you might forget the original purpose. Keep revisiting it. That will keep you in the groove. If not, it at least gives you an opportunity to make adjustments.

Be flexible
Realize that some little things actually don’t fit into the big picture, so be willing to scrap what doesn’t work in order to replace it with what does work.

Have all this stuff written down
Don’t trust your memory or other people to carry things through. Having it all down in a fixed format, helps to convey the same message to others; and acts as a contract between yourself and your success.

“Even if you see my viewpoint, it’s still your own you see.”
~ gurustu

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