That Extra Step

It’s just a little movement, nothing much; perhaps not even noticeable… yet over time, going that extra step can make all the difference between going for your goals and reaching them.

Going that extra step doesn’t have to take that much more effort either. All it really needs is for you to care enough to commit to your resolve and stay with it a moment longer.

Give of yourself
Always put a little bit of “you” into everything you do. It’s the reason people ask you to do something; or why they want to be around you; because of the way you do it.

Give something not asked for
If a request is made of you – whether it be at your job, or your relationship or whatever else you can think of – just add a something that wasn’t anticipated, that you know will really be appreciated.

Give randomly
There’s nothing like giving something when it isn’t even asked for. That really shows that you care.

Make it unconditional
Never put a price on any of your steps; especially that extra one. If you go one extra step, but think you deserve more for it, you’ve just added a lot more baggage you have to carry.

Give anonymously
This is like taking two steps on one; maybe even more… because it’s unconditional, it’s unexpected and it’s unknown except to you. It really won’t be wasted if no one else knows about that extra step. It’s still an extra step.

Keep at it
Taking an extra step does require extra effort on your part, but that’s the price of getting there sooner. When all is said and done, you’ll look back and realize that it’s all worth it. You just have to consistently remind yourself “one… more… step.”

The payback for all this isn’t equal. There isn’t a one-to-one relationship to what you get out of going the extra step. Sometimes you get nothing; but those times you do get a return, it will far exceed anything you can imagine. You can’t put price on trust, good will and integrity. A reputation is something you must pay for, but you can never buy.

Going that extra step is the ticket.

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