Up to Speed

It is well known in Life that things at rest tend to stay at rest and things in motion tend to stay in motion. In both cases, the effort is at its most effortless state. Getting from one to the other though is what takes all the work.

It’s when we begin something, or try to get somewhere, that we often struggle to the point where we just want to quit. We don’t really know it gets easier until we’ve been going for a while.

By keeping just a few things in mind, the trip from stop to go can be a lot easier than you think.

Know where you want to go.
Having a goal in mind puts you in the right direction to begin with.

Believe that it’s Possible.
0ven if you don’t know what that it’s going to be like when you get there, just know that you can get there.

Believe that it’s worth it.
Once you start to struggle, you might also start to qu0stion. Keep thinking about #1.

You don’t have to have everything planned before you do something.
Planning everything out makes your trip too inflexible, which can lead you to a dead end. Be open to anything.

Answer each moment honestly.
“Faking it” leads to fake results; even if you don’t think so at the time. Being true to yourself, is being true to the journey and the destination.

You have what it takes to succeed.
There is no problem in your life which you do not have a solution for. You already have what you need to take the first step, if you need more things along the way, you can pick them up.

No decision is perfect.
There is no right answer to Life’s questions. A decision is “right” when it works.

If you make a mistake, learn from it.
You learn more about what’s right by doing what’s wrong. Learn how to fail and you’ll easily learn how to succeed.

Always ask yourself, “What Now?” instead of, “What Next?”
You’re living in the moment, so stay focused in the moment.

Remember Patient Persistence.
If it takes ten step to get where you need to go, don’t try to skip number six and seven… and don’t quit at number nine!

Allow your life to unfold… don’t push… don’t pull. Just keep stepping.

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