Life is A-Maze-ing!

You may think you’re a “mouse instead of a man”… you may find
yourself caught in the rat race… you may find yourself twisting
and turning and ending up against a wall… Life is like that.

Life can be a maze…

It can also be totally amazing.

As with any maze, you can go down different paths, only to get lost and have to back
track. You can twist and turn until you feel completely lost… But you really aren’t.
Remember that there is a way out

Every maze has an exit, a destination; a way out of all this confusion. Don’t forget that
it’s there, since that’s your goal. If you forget that there is a goal, all you’ll see are the
walls. Remember you have a purpose to strive for.

Think back to all the steps you took
When you forget what got you here, it’s easy to feel lost. Learn from your past and get
your bearings. Take a break to center yourself. Don’t keep moving about or banging on
the walls; that’ll only get you more confused. Find your center and remember what did
NOT work before you continue on.

Every move has a purpose
Either you’re moving towards your goal, or a dead end… and you won’t really know
which is which until you reach a wall. All you can do is make each step thoughtful and
full of purpose.

You’re not alone in this maze
There are a number of people in this maze with you. Sometimes you’ll be walking with
them; other times you will go your separate way. Enjoy each other’s company, learn from
each other; make the search more worthwhile by sharing.

Who says “out” is better?
Remember the saying that Life is a Journey, not a Destination. This maze we’re talking
about is Life. Enjoy it for what it is. Not every turn leads to a trap; many times it leads to
a treasure.

Think in more dimensions
You lock yourself into the maze when you think that the walls are boundaries. No one
says you have to let them confine your progress. Stop thinking in limitations. There’s
always UP.

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