Balance Your Act

Everyone’s talking about balance these days. Balance your diet with these supplements and that juicer. Balance your time with this timeshare or the latest electronic gizmo. If you use this abdominizer, that rubber stretcher or this electric shock heating pad, you’ll balance your body in no time flat! Balance doesn’t come in a bottle or …

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After the A-ha!

“Aha!”, “Eureka!”, “What-da-ya-know”… or just plain “hmmm.” Whatever you call it, it’s that single, magical moment when things just make sense; when that block that seemed to confuse you suddenly seems small and unimportant. There’s that sudden rush of excitement, filled with relief and enthusiasm. Then comes the inevitable… “Now what?” Congratulations you are about …

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Accept Change

In the self-help world, there’s a lot of talk about “accepting ourselves as we are” but is that really practical? If we really think we’re either too fat or too ugly or too poor, is that even possible? The key to accepting ourselves is not to put up with the stuff we hate about ourselves, …

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