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The Power of Thanks...

Gracias… Danke… Merci… Thanks.

It’s not HOW you say it, but THAT you say it, that changes everything. Gratitude has the power to bind and to build… and if you’ve ever had someone actually thank you, you’ve felt its power.

“Thank you” isn’t just something that comes with “have a nice day” as you grab your paper-or-plasticed groceries. It’s a sincere sign that something nice has occurred. It’s not just an acknowledgement that you’ve been positively affected by something, but a chance to return positive emotions back to the giver.

It’s a way to make their day too.

When is the best time to say “thank you”?

  • Right after someone does something that you appreciate
  • When you remember that you forget to tell them
  • On special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • When you feel like surprising someone special
  • Every chance you get

Ways to say thank you…

  • A really thoughtful gift, like a book you know they wanted to read or their favorite flower or candy
  • A card sent in the mail (really fun if you live with them)
  • Cook a meal, give a back rub or some other unexpected nice gesture
  • Just say “thank you” and mean it

Who should you thank?

  • Someone who did something nice for you
  • Someone you rely on
  • Someone you love
  • Someone who needs to feel appreciated
  • Everyone else

What to do when someone thanks you…

  • Open up and let it in
  • Say “you’re welcome”

Peace out

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Updated 09/09/2019
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