Stay Tuned

Your life is a song, played by an orchestra. You are the conductor. And like every great conductor, you have to make sure that everything is in tune, played together in harmony, with style and grace.

So what song is yours? And what does it take to get it all together?

All the things that make up a good orchestra can be compared to what makes up a good life. After all, music is an expression of our souls… so we have so much we can learn from those that make the music happen.

Every individual piece — in fact, every individual note — needs to be correct in order for the whole to be pure.

Is everything in my life being true to itself?

Does the note before it go with this one? And the next one? Does it make sense over time?

Am I living truthfully from moment to moment?

All the notes happening at the same time must go together.

Are the different aspects of my life working well with each other?

In an orchestra, you can’t have one section take over the whole piece. There has to be a time for each area to express itself.

Am I giving equal time to everything in my life?

The value of the sound is all important to an orchestra. Is it full, rich, deep? Or thin and lonely sounding?

How fulfilling is what I’m doing in my life?

One beat off, and you immediately know that something is wrong with a song. The same goes for your life.

Am I doing everything WHEN I should?

Every orchestra makes the same music sound different. They add their own sense of rhythm, mood; a sense of character.

Am I expressing myself fully?

If your life isn’t playing out like you want it to, remember that you are the conductor. You have a huge saying in how it comes out. A good conductor observes all that is going on in the present, and has a good understanding of how to direct it into the future.
Take control of this orchestra known as your Life, and let the world hear your song.


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