Dream into Action

Why is it we look at dreamers like good-for-nothing slackers, yet successful people as “Visionaries.” Don’t they both have dreams? So what’s the big difference?

Simple… Visionaries actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Begin with a dream
Visionaries understand that the greatest actions in life begin with a dream. Afterall, a dream is a “vision;” it’s a way of seeing something different. All the great visionaries of history looked at the same world everyone else did, and dreamed of something different.

Believe it can be done
As long as you see your dreams as something left to dreamers, then you will never attain them. They will be out of your reach because you won’t give them the necessary energy and time needed to make them happen. You have to BELIEVE that it can be done, so that you’re willing to do what it takes to get there.

Dreams + Devotion = Goals

Do it your way
There are billions of people on this planet, yet only one you. So do you choose to be 1/6000000000th of the world, or one in 6 billion?

Don’t please everyone
Trying to be all things to all people averages you out to the middle. The best you will ever do is rise to the level mediocrity. Choose to reach the top, and let those that want to be down, stay down. Rise up to the highest level you can, despite what others might think.

Make no excuses
Nothing kills a dream better than an excuse. “I really couldn’t” … “I don’t have the time” … “If only I had this/didn’t have that” … There will always be a millions reasons why you failed, but only one if you succeed — you didn’t give up.

Break your goals down into manageable chunks
Your goals might be much bigger than you are… at least right now; so instead of giving up, break it down. One of my favorite sayings:

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.*

Set deadlines
Reaching goals actually take time. So set some actual, realistic dates. The worked towards them. That’s what breaking them down into the manageable chunks is all about.

Do something every day
Back to the fact that every goals takes time. What do you think you have during your day? Time. Use it. Even if it’s only a little bit.

Every drop of rain makes the river stronger.

Be open to alternate routes to the same goals
Sometimes what you’re trying to do doesn’t work; so stop doing it that way. Learn from it, and move on to a better way of getting there.

A rock may change the river’s course, but it does not change the river.

It’s not about being in the right place at the right time
It’s about being everywhere and knowing when to take advantage of the opportunities that are around you.

When in doubt, repeat
There will be down times and sad times and slow times. That’s when you ought to take the time to go back and remind yourself of your original dream. They start down the path again.

  • Disclaimer: To all my friends at PETA and other animal rights groups. I’ve never actually eaten an elephant. I never even wanted to eat an elephant. In fact, I don’t even think they’d taste like chicken.

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