Find You

There you are… right in the middle of your moment… you found yourself. You’re done.

So what’s the problem?

The thing is, when you say you need to “find yourself” or “get in touch with your ‘inner child’” you’re not so much talking about who you are, as you’re talking about what you’re doing.

To suggest that you’re missing yourself, or that inner child, is stating that there’s something wrong with you; that you’re lost; or worse, that you’re a loser.

Just because you’re not exactly where you thought you would be by now, doesn’t mean that what you have is worthless. This feeling, this “need,” is merely an indication that you want to be DOING something else.

We define our lives by two things… our activities, and the people we do those activities with. Our intentions, our lessons, our experiences are all shaped by some-THING and some-BODY.

So take a look at those, and get some answers…

On a piece of paper make a list in two columns – “What I Do” and “With Whom” – then list everything you can think of. If you do something alone, such as a hobby, put “Me” or “Myself” or “Alone” in the second column, whichever you prefer.

Next, go through and circle each item that you love. Don’t circle the entire row; circle the item. If you love the person, but not the activity, just circle the person. Do the same with the activity. It will look something like this when you’re done:

If both items are circled, then you know you’re not “lost” there; but if you have only ONE circled and not the other, then you either have to examine the relationship or the activity.
Maybe you really do need a new business partner, or you need to do that hobby with someone else. Seeing the big picture will tell you an awful lot.

Whatever is not circled is contributing to your feeling of being lost. Those are the things you have to “work on” to regain your sense of self. Even if you didn’t circle ANYTHING, realize that it’s still about what you’re DOING with your life and not that you’re the problem.

You have a lot of work ahead. No one is saying it’s going to be easy or a quick fix, but if you really want to “find yourself” … the answer lies inside the circle.


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