Make Peace

Peace is not about winning a war. Nor is it about avoiding war. It’s not about freeing the oppressed, nor ignoring the Oppressed’s cries for help. Those things, while noble in effort, are not “Peace.”

Peace is a frame of mind. It is a way of life. It has its own rules that must be actively pursued and expressed, if we ever truly wish to live in peace.

Peace has many elements to it. Each one of them can contribute, and enhance, Peace. Here are some of the Pieces of Peace:

This is within you, as much as outside yourself. One thing does not take up the majority of your time; you give back that which you take.

This is how each piece relates to each other. They “fit” and if they don’t fit, at least they don’t conflict.

This is one way to achieve harmony, by having a sense of reverence towards all things. It’s a desire not to violate, as well as to honor.

Truth over time brings honor to all involved. This is saying what you mean and meaning what you say; and more importantly; following through on it all.

This is a gentle spirit that can take on many forms. It is actively doing something good.

Can be one of the forms of Kindness; can take on the form of Balance as well. Sometimes NOT doing something is as much Just as doing something.

Can be one of the greatest Kindnesses you can commit. Let go of the past, and not only will you grant Peace; you will achieve Peace within yourself.

Allow others to be themselves; give yourself permission to be you. If you live within the other pieces, especially Justice, Freedom can and will thrive.

Honestly caring about all things. It’s not just about letting everything just be, it’s actively seeking to make it better.

If you’re truly living in Peace, you’re not the only one doing these pieces. When someone else shows you Kindness, be thankful. Take it in; be moved by it; then show that.

This is far more powerful that sympathy. Sympathy can bring a condescending attitude with it. Empathy keeps you on the level (in Balance and Harmony) and brings you Understanding; which Sympathy never can.

Just as White Light is the combination of all other colors, so is Love the combination of all these pieces. True Love – unconditional, altruistic, “Agape” – is the truest form of Peace there is.

None of this is easy to achieve, nor easy to maintain. Often human nature goes against our efforts for Peace. Sometimes we confuse war, or the lack thereof, as having it. They are separate things, even when one is being used as an excuse for the other. But you can never wait for one in order to have the other. If you want Peace, you must make Peace. It is a choice. And if you choose Peace, you mustn’t wait for someone else to do it.

Peace begins with you.

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