Making Your Most

We are individuals; unique in our talents, our dreams, our entire being. We’re that way because each of us is just a small part of the whole. Yet in that way – being alone – we are incomplete. We don’t have it all… we can’t be it all. So that means we can only do the best we can with what we have.

That’s not a bad thing, really. After all, it gives us something to strive for… just as long as we don’t get distracted by the “haves” and “have nots” of other people.

Focus on your own dreams, and reach them using you own tools. It’s the only way to reach your own destination.

Take inventory
Write down all the things you do well. After all, it’s what you do well that will help you succeed; not what you don’t do well. Ignore what you don’t do well; they’re no help to you here.

Measure it honestly
Don’t judge yourself harshly. There’re plenty of people who will want to bring you down for their own selfish reasons; they’re just distracters. Don’t help them by bringing yourself down.

Don’t over-inflate your abilities either. Confidence is one thing; fragile conceit is another. Know what you do well, and honestly see if it’s enough to help you succeed.

Free yourself of mental limitations
It’s your beliefs in your goals and your abilities that either limits you or sets you free. If you start in with “yeah, but…” then you’re closing yourself off to the Amazing.

Everything is possible, because everything is out there. It’s up to you to reach it.

Try different combinations for more possibilities
Another limitation is the combinations you put together. “All my talents add up to such and such” limits you to such-and-such. Perhaps if you emphasize a different quality, combine them in a different fashion; you might put the same exact skills into something you hadn’t even thought of. That new “thing” could be the illusive success you’ve been looking for.

Expand yourself
Sometimes all you need is that little extra; so go get it. Find classes or seek out opportunities for you to learn something new; or improve on what you already have.

Get help
You want to know something…. There are people who can do what you don’t… and they do it very well… and they can’t do what you do well. Create a mutual benefit. Half a new success might actually be bigger than the one you could reach alone.

No one has to lose in order for you to win
Important to keep in mind… it doesn’t have to be a win lose proposition. You don’t have to compete with anyone. You can succeed along side the others; you can benefit from each other’s success. If all you think of is win-lose, then there’s a chance you will lose. Look for new ways for everyone to benefit and you’ll build relationships that will make your success that much sweeter.

Failure is your teacher
If it doesn’t work, either with a new combination, or with other people; don’t despair… and especially, don’t ever give up. Chock it up to a “learning experience” and try again.

The most successful person is the one who got up one more time than they fell down.

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