The Second Step

Everyone acknowledges the importance of that first step. Volumes of books are written on the subject. Empires are built upon them. But there is another moment, that is just as important; if not more so.

It’s that second step.

The second step not only defines our direction, but also the pace, intensity and commitment to reach our goal.

Things to note about that second step

Was it made with more confidence than the first?
The first step is usually the toughest one. If the second one is made with more confidence, it usually indicates that the first step was met with favorable results.

Is it still in the same direction as the first?
The second step sets the course. Are you heading in a direct line or perhaps an arch? Or is it a step back? If that’s the case, then the second steps tells a whole lot more than the first!

Is it a baby step, or giant leap?
Baby steps might indicate that you’re still a bit hesitant, or perhaps you need something more to make the larger steps. Remember, you’ll need a lot more baby steps to reach your destination. Determine now if you want to keep taking those, or start planning for bigger steps.

How soon did you take the second step?
That’s setting your pace. Is it something you can sustain? Do you need to adjust it faster or slower? Keep in mind that the long haul has to be sustainable, so the second step should be in “step” with the first.

What is the impact of that step?
Sometimes the first step is met with great resistance by others, but the second step isn’t; other times, it’s the other way around. This will tell you a lot about the environment that you’re trying to succeed in.

Is it getting easier or not?
It’s said that things at rest remain at rest and things in motion, continue in motion. What that means here is that it SHOULD be getting easier with each step; because you’ll have momentum on your side. If it’s NOT getting easier, time to quickly assess your situation and adjust accordingly.

After all, there’s a third step just waiting beyond.

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